Seres OL offers a selection of parameters for water measurement and hydrocarbon detection:

AnalyzersParameterTypical Applications
TOC Evolution VUVTotal Organic Carbon (TOC)
Total Inorganic Carbon (TIC)
Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD)
Industrial Condensate Monitoring and Potable Water
Topaz Series:
Topaz Alkalinity TA 4.3Total Alkalinity @pH 4.3Potable Water, Surface Water, Wastewater & Effluents
Topaz AluminumAluminum AlPotable Water, Wastewater & Effluents
Topaz AmmoniumAmmonium NH4+Potable Water, Wastewater & Effluents
Topaz CODChemical Oxygen Demand (KMnO4)Surface Water
Topaz ChloridesChlorides Cl-Potable Water
Topaz ColorColorPotable Water & Surface Water
Topaz PhenolPhenolProcess Water, Wastewater & Effluents
Topaz Total HardnessTotal Hardness THPotable Water, Demin Water Production, Process Water
Topaz Total Iron (Dissolved)Iron FePotable Water, Surface Water, Wastewater & Effluents
Topaz Manganese Mn (II)Manganese Mn (II)Potable Water, Surface Water, Wastewater and Effluents
DetectorsParameterTypical Applications
Opal – Oil Pollution AlarmSuspended HydrocarbonWater at Risk of Oil Pollution
Pautbac IIHydrocarbonSemi-/Automatic Dewatering of Oil Tank Storage

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