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The Seres OL datasheets are complete!

Are you looking for specific information about your product of choice? It’s all gathered in one place now. Make sure to check out our technical datasheets, available in the download section, also accessible in the product sub pages!

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays!

Best wishes to you and yours from everyone at Seres OL! Have a Happy Holidays and prosperous New Year. 2020 will be an exiting year for Seres OL with a new address, an excited team and plenty of novelties ahead! Stay tuned!

We are moving!

Seres OL currently relocates to Saint-Victoret. We will be back at your full service in January, 2020. In order to reflect the changes that Seres OL has faced in the past months, we are moving to a new facility. We are still available during the moving process, but may not react as prompt as usual.…
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The first product range flyer is here!

Seres OL is proud to display its definite product range. Simply click on the image to start the download. is currently reorganized

The official Seres OL website is currently under construction. Check back regularly for the latest updates and news on Seres OL analyzers!