The quality of drinking water is measured at different stages: at the entry to the treatment plant, during the treatment process, at its exit from the treatment plant and all along the distribution network.


Seres OL plays a role in the protection of surface water, spring water, rivers and groundwater. The aim is to obtain real-time measures of surface water pollution, in order to, if necessary, protect drinking water at its source.


Automatic analysis of waste water requires a great knowledge of effluents. For over 50 years now, Seres OL has developed various systems of on-line sample preparation, such as paper filtration, tangential filtration or sample intake through sampling loops.


The automatic analyzer is the only one which fullfils the requirements of real-time measurements, suited to industrial processes. The monitoring of process water quality, such as cooling water, is standard. However, each industrial process has its own particularities.


Prevention of the pollution of sea water by hydrocarbon wastes:

  • Oil tankers
  • Oil Rigs
  • Refinery Wastes


The versatile Topaz Series covers a broad variety of parameters.

  • Topaz Aluminum
  • Topaz Ammonium
  • Topaz Chlorides
  • Topaz Color
  • Topaz Total Iron
  • Topaz COD (KMnO4)
  • Topaz Phenols
  • Topaz Hardness TH
  • Topaz Alkalinity TA (@ pH 4.3)

Automatic Draining of Storage Tanks

Manual drainage is time-consuming, expensive and imprecise. Avoid all of these issues with our full- or semi-automatic Detector Pautbac-II to avoid all these issues.


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